Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary is a trauma-informed mental health care collaborative

We provide trauma-informed and therapeutic movement, yoga, meditation, energy work, individual and group therapy, workshops and professional training. Our offerings provide an opportunity to reconnect and reclaim your relationship with your body, find support with like-minded community, and access integrative supports to complement mental health recovery. 

We see embodiment as choosing what you want to bring into your being and radiate out. It’s the act of purposefully inhabiting our bodies, relationships, and lives.

The pathway to healing is multi-faceted and often benefits from a variety of supports. Take advantage of the many directions of healing with us through:

Yoga & Movement Classes

Through the timeless teachings of yoga, we aim to support our community with the practices, tools, and wisdom to meet the present moment and inspire a more conscious and embodied life. The movement practices offered at Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary are best described as Therapeutic Yoga. Group and individual classes are available in person and virtually.

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Energy Therapy

Energy therapy sessions are effective for stress reduction, anxiety, trauma, medical and physical aliments, and general well-being. Energetic healing can do no harm and is for everyone. It’s a safe and natural method of healing and self-improvement. While individual experiences are unique, energy sessions may give you a sense of peace, security and relaxation. We offer a variety of energy healing modalities, better enabling us to meet everyone’s energetic needs uniquely.

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Our Latest News

Jenni Stevens

Join Tabetha Saturday, June 22nd from 12 – 2 pm for a fun afternoon making a Solstice inspired soaking salt. Learn about different herbs and oils as you customize your own batch of salt while enjoying light snacks and cheerful conversation. $55 person.


Jenni Stevens

Join Jenni for a mid-day meditation practice, virtually or in person! Attendance is by donation. Yoga Nidra, a deeply restorative form of guided meditation. This practice offers the possibly for deep ease and peace for your body, mind and soul. No meditation experience is required.



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