What values have we absorbed from generations before us, society and past (and present) life experiences regarding romantic connection? 

How do we receive and give love by our four ‘most used’ bodies: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual?

Mental: dwell over thoughts, consider worth, plan for future, argue with higher self or accept intuitive messages, create visions using ideals, have stimulating (or non) conversations. Use words of affirmations, discover love languages. Acceptance

Emotional: Dive in- head first. Retreat. Spin on a rollercoaster, find strength to re-open after so many wounds, or find courage to close the door to unserving encounters. Say yes and mean it, say no and not look back. Grief.

Spiritual: Dream, vibrate, plummet, question, know, tell, affirm, confirm, hold space with peace and understanding, the inner flame that pesters when we are not aligning with energies that serve our higher purpose. Unconditional compassion. Attach and detach. Create and break cords. Karmic healing or adding karmic debt.

Physical: butterflies, chest twists, weak legs, tingles, shortness of breath, deep release of breath, ringing in the ears, sword through the chest, feeling of emptiness or fulfillment. Fatigue or energetic bursts. Muscle tension. Release. 

These are only a few ways to describe how I have personally experienced receiving or giving love through my 4 subtle bodies. 

When I imagine what I felt like when I first declared I loved somebody, I remember clearly it was driven by my emotional body and manifested in my physical. I did not have the capacity then to understand how to use my mental body and how to honor my spiritual body. When the bodies were used in an unbalanced way, the connection ended in an unbalanced way. This has been the theme in my soul contracts when it comes to romantic love and connection. Through the years and experiences I have felt higher than infinity and lower than the lowest realms. I have made firm resolutions to not repeat patterns and forgotten those promises I made to myself within an hour. I have led by the emotion and ignored the mental. I have given love solely through physical and robbed the spiritual body of fulfillment. I am also eternally grateful for it all. I have learned about myself. I can see and hear signs from all bodies when I am in alignment and when I am not. I can understand and honor pain and darkness, knowing I will be relieved from it with greater clarity. 

I do not have nightmarish stories to tell about my great loves without holding space for the beauty in each connection. 

Healing through energetic alignments and invocations by spirit, I am learning the following:

1- Nothing is permanent, not reciprocal love and not death 

2- Ignoring universal signs will force us to experience transitional periods with more difficulty

3- We are not pieces of people searching for our other pieces in people. We are pieces of souls searching for energies that compliment our essence.

4- There is no ‘the one’ person, and ideals will never be met in totality. This is because there is a ‘the one’ for each stage in our lives, and ideals change with growth or regression.

5- We will be okay, no matter what. 

6- Love is a feeling, not an emotion. We cannot think our way in or out of love. 

7- We can detach with love, and we are allowed to stay longer than ‘we should’ and we are allowed to leave when we want. 

8- Sovereignty is especially important in matters of the heart. Ask for clarity, give clarity and communicate with intention to the best of your ability. 

9- (not my quote, but enjoy the resonance) “We can only meet people as deeply as we have met ourselves”. That means individuals can only meet us as deeply as they have met themselves. Remember that when collecting resentments.

10- We do not need to ‘love ourselves’ in order to receive love, but we do need to connect with self enough to give love to others in return. Romantic connections without reciprocity is theft.

These are true for me, and many more could be written. If you are drawn to seek guidance from within, sit quietly with eyes closed. Ground your roots into mother earth and connect the silver line to source. Breathe and set your intention to learn about your individual pattern. Do this with soft music or in silence. Have a pen and paper ready for when you decide to return and open your eyes.

Thank you for reading, it is always an honor to share and receive with you all <3