What to Expect in our Beginner Series

by Embodied Directions Wellness Sanctuary Facilitator, Liz Dubois

Each person comes to yoga with different intentions and reasons for wanting to begin their practice. For some it’s to build strength and flexibility, for others it could be to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or improve sleep quality and overall wellbeing. 

Whatever your “why” my goal will be to guide  in a safe, playful and supportive way you while you make your yoga practice your own. 

Each body has been on its own unique journey and each time we step onto our  mat we bring a different story from the day. Yoga is a way to clear your head, move your body, build your confidence, and so much more. An added bonus is that you will meet new people who are developing their practice, just like you.

 We will focus on the basic postures that are a part of common yoga practices along with guidance to connect the movements with our breath. We will also take time to be still and to be quiet.

During this four week series you will learn: 

  • The fundamentals of yoga
  • Yogic breathing 
  • Yoga postures and relaxation techniques
  • Safely explore your limits
  • Build a strong knowledge base
  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Release tension in the body

All in a safe, friendly, small class environment. 

Please know being flexible is not a requirement to practice yoga, we do yoga so we can become flexible. 

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