Sound Bath | Gong Bath | Gong Immersion with special guest, Kay Campbell

Friday, February 24th from 6 – 7 pm

Members $20 / $25 Non-members


Join us for a unique, healthful, immersion in Sound Meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed, blissful, and rejuvenated. Come as you are or bring friends to Sound Meditation. We begin with a brief guided meditation followed by a transformative gong bath, that cultivates feelings of calm and peace. The music of the gongs allows participants to use sound as a meditative tool to disconnect from daily stressors and delve into a relaxed state. Sound meditation quiets the mind, allowing for overall well being, less stress, better sleep, and new inspiration.

No skill or prior experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga mats and props will be provided for your comfort, and you are invited to bring your own mat, blanket, eye mask, or anything to be comfortable lying or sitting down.

This workshop is not recommended for those fitted with pacemakers, or insulin pumps, or in the first trimester of pregnancy.