Your rage and all of your emotions are sacred. Every emotion is an important part of your experience on earth. During our rage ritual we will create a safe container to express our rage, our anger, our hurt, our resentment etc..

Join us Thursday, August 18th from 7:30 – 9 pm w/Liz Ridgely

$15 members / $20 non-members


The ritual will begin with some shaking and breathing to arrive in the body. We will then dance and move with our rage leading into full on expression. A conscious emotional release. You’ll be given a wand (or energetic extension) and have the option to hit pillows and bolsters. You can scream, make noise, even sing! 

When we finish we will soften into a sound healing experience and meditation with an option to journal. 

There will be energetic and emotional support if you need it at any point during the event. 

Feel free to bring a journal and something to write with. As well as any tokens or items that will help call in your sacred rage or make you feel supported.