Tuesday, August 9th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm with Kate Sheridan, Tarot reader, Astrologer, and Circle facilitator and Liz Ridgely, Yoga and Movement facilitator, Vocal and Sound healing practitioner

Members $20 / Non-members $25 *sliding scale available upon request

Join in studio, pre-registration required


Meet in circle to be guided by the moon and stars, to be seen and held by community, and to journey together, exactly as we are. We will tap into the cosmic energy not to escape our everyday lives but to come into greater communion with them.

Our facilitators will guide our circle in activities inspired by astrology, tarot, and other archetypal energies, including seasonal themes throughout the Wheel of the Year. At each circle, you can expect a combination of some of the following activities: discussion, sharing, and active listening; journaling and self-inquiry; dance, movement, and yogic postures; song, drumming, and sound healing; divination and oracular practices; and art and creative expression.

This offering is about being held and holding space, for sharing, dancing, laughing, moving, and expressing freely. We join in circle with the common goal of living in alignment with the cycles of nature: the moon, the planets, the Earth’s seasons, and our own bodies.