Elizabeth Michaud is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in screenwriting, Elizabeth moved to Seattle, Washington to apprentice with her astrology mentor. She returned to New England in 2012, and began the certification process with one of the original founders of evolutionary astrology, Steven Forrest. In addition to psychological astrology, Elizabeth is a certified medical astrologer and aromatherapist, and is also working toward her herbalist licence. Her astrology forecasts can be found on Patreon, and she offers natal chart, predictive, relationship compatibility, and family coaching readings in person, live over Zoom, or digitally recorded and delivered via email. You can learn more about Elizabeth and her offerings at https://roottoriseremedies.com/

Elizabeth is offering 1 appointment per week at the Sanctuary on Tuesdays, at 2:30 pm starting 7/12/22.

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Elizabeth Michaud, Astrologer at Embodied Directions holding a natal birth chart.
Elizabeth Michaud, Astrologer