Friday, February 10th 7 – 8:30 pm

$30 members / $35 non-members


Erotic energy isn’t performative, it all starts in the Self. In this workshop, you will learn to trust this power, how to interact with it on your own or to share with partners. We will explore empowerment through learning how to tap into what your body is telling you, and what that means for you.

Ideal participants are those seeking an increased self awareness, open to exploring their erotic energy, and be empowered by it. There are mental health benefits by learning how to be empowered by erotic energy; by having a deeper relationship with your own body and increased confidence with communicating wants, needs, and desires with partners, as well trusting your intuition through what your body is telling you.

This workshop will be held in safe circle space and is open to all feminine and non-binary folks. Over the evening you can expect guided meditation, breath work, gentle movement, topic-specific practices, reflection and sharing at your comfort.

Hosted by special guest facilitator, Mariah LeMieux-Lupien, She/They, former farm kid living city life in Dover, passionate about astrology since the age of 10. Animal lover, currently owns a dog, Victor, and a horse, Dougal. Last 3 years has been gaining knowledge in trauma processing by practicing trauma-informed yoga, meditation, and shadow work with tarot. They also love sharing communication skills in all types of relationship dynamics, and mentoring in kink dynamics as well.